Adult Ministries


Sunday School aims to help persons encounter God through studying His Word. First Milton offers opportunities for families and individuals to connect to the church family through small group Bible study in our Sunday School at 9:15 am. Sunday School provides interactive Bible study for persons of every age, preschool through senior adults, including children and adults with special needs. Each person can be involved with others on the journey of faith as they learn biblical truths and make life applications, discovering its relevance to today's world. The goal is to become more like Jesus every day.

Fellowship is a big part of our adult Sunday School, so join us in First Cup, our coffee shop, for a complimentary coffee as we get to know each other. Espresso beverages, smoothies, donuts and milkshakes are also available.

When you arrive, a greeter will walk with you to the Welcome Center where you can register and, if you desire, you can be escorted to an appropriate Bible study class.

Young & Median Adults meet on 2nd floor of Building B * meet on 2nd floor of Building E ** meet behind choir loft in choir room Young Adult College Collegiate, Bibles studies to guide through education, culture & life Young Adult Career topical studies
Young Couples 1 topical, skill-based Bible studies on marriage, parenting, & family Young Couples 2 * Explore the Bible, an 8-year survey of the Bible exploring specific Bible books
Median Adult 1 Explore the Bible Median Adult 1 Explore the Bible
Single Adults Explore the Bible Lofties ** co-ed group studying through the Bible
Boomers meet in Bamberg Chapel * Ladies 2 meets in Building G Ladies 1 Explore the Bible Ladies 2 MasterWork, Bible-based, life-application Bible studies with daily personal study
Couples 1 Explore the Bible Couples 2 Explore the Bible
Couples 3 Explore the Bible    
Senior Adults meet in various locations Co-Ed 1 Explore the Bible Co-Ed 2 Explore the Bible Co-Ed 3 Explore the Bible
Ladies 1 Explore the Bible Ladies 2 Explore the Bible Ladies 3 Explore the Bible
Ladies 4 Explore the Bible Ladies 5 Explore the Bible Men's Explore the Bible


Wednesday is family night at First. You can begin with a modestly priced, home-cooked dinner prepared by "Mighty Chef" Debbie. Dinner is served from 4:45 - 6:00 pm.

Adults may select from a variety of disciple-making Bible study groups. Soul Warriors men's ministry and Women Seeking Christ women's ministry offer Bible studies on Wednesday evenings. Starting times vary.

Adults may also choose to participate in prayer meeting and Bible study led by our pastor, Dr. Jonathan Russell, in the Sanctuary at 5:45 pm.

Middle and High School students may participate in worship and recreation in the Family Life Center. Youth Area opens at 5:15 for students to hang out. The Midweek Gathering starts at 6:00.

Childcare is provided for adults participating in the various activities, including Celebration Choir rehearsal.

Preschoolers and children are given the opportunity to sing Christ-centered music and learn about missions in age appropriate learning environments.

The First Cup Coffee shop and Media Center is open on Wednesday evenings. Enjoy a cup of joe, other coffee beverage, a milkshake, or smoothie and fellowship in the comfortable chairs and sofa. You can even surf the web with free wi-fi or use the provided computers.

Men's Ministry

Soul Warriors, led by Tracy Allen, is a Christ-centered ministry uniting single men, husbands, and fathers through a relationship with Christ and one another. Soul Warriors share their faith through on-going ministry projects.

Throughout the year, Soul Warriors Men's Ministry provides retreat events to meet the unique spiritual needs of men. Some events are conducted on campus while others may be held at other venues.

Join Soul Warriors on Wednesday evenings. Starting times vary.

Women's Ministry

Women Seeking Christ, under the direction of Melody Bell, leads adult women, married or single, to serve their families, vocations, and the Kingdom with the servant heart of Christ. Women Seeking Christ strives to teach the truths of God through Bible studies and other available avenues.

Throughout the year, Women Seeking Christ Women's Ministry provides retreat events to meet the unique spiritual needs of women. Some events are conducted on campus while others may be held at other venues.

Join Women Seeking Christ on Wednesday evenings. Starting times vary.

Single Adults

Single adults of all ages are invited to join a Sunday morning Bible study group. Classes for college students, young adults who are not in college, and a 30+ class are available during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings. These Sunday School class members enjoy additional times of fellowship as they impact their world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Check current First Milton publications for current small group Bible studies.

Senior Adults

People today live longer than previous generations, having the chance to make disciples in several generations. Today's senior adults offer the church a variety of resources from their life experiences and their experiences with God. Senior adults of our community need a personal relationship with Christ.

55+ Ministries, First Milton's senior adult organization, has the XYZ Luncheon (eXtra Years of Zest) on the third Thursday of every month. A variety of guests bring enrichment, information, and entertainment. A wonderful meal prepared by "Mighty Chef" Debbie presents an opportunity for fellowship around the tables. The luncheon from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. In addition to regular church activities on Sundays and Wednesdays, Senior adults are given opportunities for spiritual growth through conferences, revivals, and mission projects. In addition, numerous day and overnight trips are offered. For an overview of Senior Adult events, ask for a 55+ Ministry calendar!

Missions & Outreach

First Milton is proud of its missions legacy as we seek to deploy disciples throughout the world. In recent years, mission teams have traveled internationally to Haiti, Romania, Russia, and England; and domestically to Georgia, Louisiana, West Virginia, Indiana, Alabama, and into our own Milton backyard. First Milton is indeed missions minded. On one recent mission trip, donations from church members covered the travel costs of every team member. We look forward in the coming years to developing mission partnerships in North America and abroad.

First Milton supports Southern Baptist missionaries worldwide with gifts to the Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong Mission offerings. The church also makes available a Missionary Residence for international missionaries on stateside assignment. First families have come to know missionary families who live the Great Commission around the world.

Small Groups

First Milton offers a variety of studies which meet at different times during the week to develop believers to become mature disciples. Check current First Milton publications for current course offerings.