Giving back what has been given to us

You can start giving with our new online giving service now at

How can I give?

There are several ways to give at FBC Milton:

  1. During our weekly services
  2. Bring your donation to the church office during regular business hours
  3. Mail your donation to the church office at 6797 Caroline Street, Milton, FL 32570
  4. Use your bank's online Bill Pay service.
  5. Safe and secure online giving.

You can start giving with our new online giving service now at

We are in the process of changing to a new online giving company. For the past 8 years, we have used Easytithe (using the form below). On October 31, 2023, we will take down the Easytithe form and replace it with the new online giving service (Nucleus Giving). Keep reading to find out how to change and why we are changing.

First, why is the church changing online giving companies?

The company we have been using since 2015 (Easytithe) charges 2%-3.5% of the donation for processing. The new company (Nucleus Giving) will charge $0.25 (25 cents) for bank drafts and 1.9% for card transactions. You will notice in the new process that you will be asked to pay the processing fee instead of the church paying the processing fee. For example, if you choose to give $100.00 from your bank account (also known as ACH), then the final amount will show as $100.25 when you get to the Confirm Payment page. If you choose to do it by card, it will end up being $101.90. We are making this change to be better stewards of the tithes, offerings, and donations you give.

NOTE: The first time you choose to give from your Bank Account, a service called Plaid will prompt you for information to link your bank and Nucleus Giving. It is quick and happens while you go through the giving steps the first time you give from your Bank Account. You will need your bank login info for this step. This is safe, secure, and a standard practice in the industry.

If you have automatic recurring giving set up with Easytithe, you can end it by following these steps:

  1. Scroll down to Give Now.
  2. Just below the words Give Now, you will see the words "Sign In." Click Sign In and login to your account.
  3. You should now see Give Now and My Account (under the larger Give Now heading). Click on My Account and the dropdown has options.
  4. Choose Scheduled and you will see the recurring giving. You should be able to delete it.
  5. Now, you can go to the new online giving site and set up an account at This new site should be easier to use and modify giving compared to the previous one.

If you are not sure this worked or want someone to check it, drop an e-mail with your full name in it to and the person who handles giving will check the admin panel to see if your recurring giving was ended.

If you did not have automatic recurring giving, then you can head over to and start giving. At the new site, you can still do one time giving or set up recurring giving that is automatic. The Nucleus Giving interface makes it easy to manage your online giving.

Your giving is important to the church. Whether you choose to give in person, by mail, using your bank’s online bill pay service, or using our new online giving service, we want you to be confident that your giving is being handled securely and being managed wisely.

If you have giving questions, contact If your question is more technical in nature or about the online giving process, drop a message. We’ll do our best to get it figured out.

You can still give using the form below until October 31, 2023 or you can use