Parenting Teenagers and Pre-Teens

Resources and Information for Parents of Students

Hey Parents!

Hey Parents! It is crucial for parents to be spiritual leaders for their children. This is a link to our FM Parents page and some other resource sites. I want to provide you resources so you can be more confident in guiding and leading your student. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Parent Facebook Group
Parent Instagram

Reliable Resources for Parents

Having the talk about sex with your child
The Source for Parents
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

Podcasts for Parents (found where you get Podcasts - Apple Podcast App, Google Podcast App, etc.)

Youth Culture Matters - 1 hour episodes

Youth Culture Today - 1 minute snippets

Focus on Parenting - 15 minute episodes

Family Life Today - 30 minute episodes

Family Life Blended (Blended family focus) - 1 hour episodes

Focus on the Family Broadcast - 30 minute episodes