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Missions at First: Loving the Nations

Missions at First

God has given us the mission to make disciples of all nations. At First Baptist Church, we seek to obey God through giving, sending, praying, and going. We will hope that you will explore ways you can give, support and pray for those sent as missionaries and also discover ways you can go.

Student Mission Trip to Memphis, Tennessee

July 7-13

Manchester 2024 Partnership

Manchester, England

July 18-25

Pray for International Missions

Summer Olympics 2024

The first free school for the Deaf was founded in the mid-1700s in Paris, France. This institute began to address the need to educate two Deaf sisters and grew to include teachers and students who would impact and establish Deaf education all over the world. This school still provides education for French Deaf students today. And yet, despite schools like this one in Paris and others, it is estimated that 72 million culturally Deaf peoples have little access to Scripture in their heart language. Many have never seen the name of Jesus signed in their language. Please pray for Deaf peoples all over the world to hear the good news of Jesus in their heart language. Pray for more resources for Scripture translation projects among Deaf peoples.

Pray for Missions in North America

Pray for Tanner and Naomi Devereaux who are planting Imago Dei Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Pray for a person or people of peace in the neighborhood surrounding their church. Their desire is to see their neighbors transformed by the gospel and for Imago Dei to be a church for the neighborhood.

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