Missions at First: Loving the Nations

Missions at First

God has given us the mission to make disciples of all nations. At First Baptist Church, we seek to obey God through giving, sending, praying, and going. We will hope that you will explore ways you can give, support and pray for those sent as missionaries and also discover ways you can go.

Maguire State Missions Offering

During the month of September, we will receive the Maguire Offering for State Missions. Our church goal is $3,874.23. Please pray about what the Lord would have you give, and give obediently.

Missions Stories

Yanet Ponce shares about her time in Norristown, Pennsylvania.
Brenda share about her mission trip to Kentucky.
Joe shares about his mission trip to Kentucky
Emily shares about her mission trip to Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Giving in Times of Disasters

Our state, nation, and world have been touched by a number of disasters in the past month--a hurricane in our state, fires in Hawaii, and an earthquake in Morocco. These events remind us that the curse of sin not only touches us personally but also touches all of creation. And while they drive us to pray, "Come, Lord Jesus," they also give us opportunities to help those who are hurting. Send Relief is the disaster relief and human need ministry arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. They are helping people in all of the situations mentioned above. If you would like to know more about their work or give to support it, please click the link below.

Pray for our Upcoming Mission Trip in October, 2023

Young Adult Mission Trip

To where: Atlanta, GA

Who can go: Young Adults who want to serve refugees and immigrants

Dates: October 20-22

Contact Randy Jackson or Jenny Moberly for details.

Christ Supreme Church in Norristown, Pennsylvania

During the Summer of 2023, our church sent a student team and adult/families team to Norristown, Pennsylvania. Part of their task was to help spread the word about a Street Fest that Christ Supreme Church planned to do on August 19th. They had a great Street Fest that was well-attended and where many continued to hear the gospel. Continue to pray for our church planting partners, Michael Board and Christ Supreme church, as they seek to plant a church in Norristown, Pennsylvania.


Each day, this webpage features an Unreached People Group of the Day. Take time to pray for the people group you see named below and return daily to pray for a different one each day.

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